Whole Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Have you put off purchasing life insurance because you think you will have to submit to a medical exam? Perhaps you don’t have the time to visit the doctor, or you just do not care to have a life insurance company invade your privacy. You might be relieved to find out that you can get life insurance with no medical exam from top-rated life insurance companies all over the country. In fact, you can even purchase whole life insurance with no medical questions.

When you compare whole life insurance with no medical exam, you might find that these are not the super-cheap rates that you saw advertised on TV or the Internet. If you are fairly young, perfectly fit, live a very clean lifestyle, and enjoy good genes, you might actually qualify for lower rates if you do submit to more intensive health underwriting. However, it may not make that big of a difference for most people who will be assigned average rates anyway.

Why Not Take Advantage of Life Insurance Quotes With No Medical Exam?

You do not need to guess which type of policy or coverage amount will be best for you and your family. We are United Life Group, a leading whole life insurance resource in many areas of the country, and we can supply you with whole life insurance quotes with no medical exam to compare. Why not enjoy the convenience of this service, our professional advice, and a quick phone application if you can?

How Much Coverage Can You Buy?

Your premiums might be affected by your medical condition, age, location, and even the insurer that you choose to buy coverage from. Those same factors could also impact the amount of insurance that you can purchase. We work with a variety of different insurers that offer different levels of death benefits for different people.

  • Burial insurance plans: These are small face value plans that might range from $5,000 to $35,000.
  • Whole life: We also have insurers that issue coverage for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

The size of the death benefit that you choose really depends upon your available options, financial goals, and budget. If you just want to finance a funeral and leave your children with a little cash, a small burial plan might be sufficient. Because the face value is modest, these are also budget-friendly. However, some clients need very large policies for business or estate planning, and we can help these clients find good values as well.

Why Can You Buy Whole Life Insurance No Health Questions?

You may wonder how life insurance companies can possibly stay in business if they offer to cover any qualified person who applies. Some policies do require truthful answers to health questions on the application. These plans pay an immediate death benefit as soon as the policy goes in force. However guaranteed-acceptance policies use a waiting period instead of medical exams and health questions.

You will not lose any money if you choose to go this route because these policies either refund premiums with interest or pay a percentage of the death benefit before the waiting period ends. In some cases, guaranteed-acceptance policies can be the right solution. But you are also likely to find that guaranteed whole life insurance quotes are a bit higher than they are for simplified-issue or fully-underwritten policies.

Who Buys Whole Life Insurance With No Medical Exam?

Whole life policies pay a cash death benefit if the insured person passes away. Additionally, they also can grow a cash value and become a valuable asset. In time, you could even cash in or borrow against your cash account. You could regard the convenient and affordable purchase of permanent life insurance as a great investment in your family and your future.

Additionally, whole life insurance without a medical exam for senior citizens might be a good option for older people and their loved ones.

These are some different products that we can offer and how we can help:

  • Some insurers sell small policies that can be used as a type of funeral insurance to help a family afford final expenses.
  • Other insurers sell very large policies to help manage businesses, handle estates, and transfer wealth to children and grandchildren.
  • We can discuss your particular situation, and help you choose the right coverage for your needs and budget.

We Offer Instant Online Quotes for Whole Life Insurance With No Exam

You can visit us at any time to request our fast and free online life insurance quotes. Of course, you are also free to call us for personal assistance with any step in the process of shopping for the best coverage to help protect your family. You will probably be happy to know that our application process is very simple, and we can take applications over the phone.

We thrive because we work hard to find the right coverage at the lowest possible price, but you are not under any obligation to purchase coverage just because you use our quote system or contact us. At United Life Group, we want to be your trusted whole life insurance resource. Why not contact us today to find out how affordable and convenient it can be to purchase whole life insurance for people of almost any age?