Burial Insurance in California

Burial insurance provides families and seniors with a way to prepare for the high cost of funerals in this state. Since the policies pay the beneficiaries in cash, they do not force the family into doing business with a particular funeral home or a particular city either. If there is any money left over after final expenses, the beneficiaries are also free to keep the money to use as they want to.

We want to make sure that you buy the right coverage for your own needs. You can compare California burial insurance companies on this website by entering a ZIP code in the form on this page. You are also welcome to call and ask to speak with a licensed agent.

Burial Insurance in California Statistics

  • Expected life span: 78.80
  • Average household income: $61,400
  • Typical cost of a funeral and burial: About $10,000
  • Typical cost of a cremation package: $2,500
  • Los Angeles population: 3,792,621
  • San Diego population: 1,307,402
  • San Jose population: 945,942
  • San Francisco population: 805,235
  • Fresno population: 494,665

Costs of California Burial Insurance for Seniors

Californians will find that premiums will vary because of age, state, gender, smoking, and health. These are sample prices for a California female who is 78 and doesn’t smoke:

  • $5,000: $44.23
  • $10,000: $85.75
  • $15,000: $127.28

Note: These are sample prices, and your rates might vary because of insurer, health, and individual company.

Some seniors find these prices affordable, and they purchase these plans to help their children. Sometimes, adult children or grandchildren offer to pay for their elderly parents. In either case, it is important to remember a couple of things about paying for a burial policy:

  • Application: Most burial insurance companies will require a quick phone interview from the person who will get insured.
  • Payments: It is a good idea to set up automatic payments to make sure the policy never lapses because of a lost or missed bill.

California Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Policies

Some burial life insurance companies will issue coverage without asking any health questions. Other plans do require answers to a few questions, and they may not accept applicants who are seriously ill. The best choice really depends upon the health of the applicant.

Guaranteed acceptance plans may not ask health questions, but they do have a waiting period. The insured person must survive the waiting period to qualify for the entire death benefit. Before that, the burial insurance policy may only pay part of the full face value or refund premiums, sometimes with interest.

Policies that ask a few medical questions are called simplified issue. They are usually cheaper and offer a death benefit that is immediately payable after issue. If possible, it is better to qualify for simplified issue policies because of this, and minor medical issues should not be an problem.

Get Quotes for California Burial Insurance for Seniors

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We also supply term and whole life insurance quotes for everybody from children to elderly people over 80. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to call and ask to speak with an agent. With online life insurance quotes and live service from life insurance agents, we strive to help Californians make the best life insurance choice.