ING Burial Insurance

Have you ever wondered how families come up with the money to pay for funerals and a variety of other final expenses that can begin to mount after a loved one passes away? If you have ever planned a funeral and handled other final arrangement, you know that these bills can add up to several thousand dollars, and this expense can be a burden for many families. One way that some families prepare for these costs is to purchase a burial insurance plan. A burial policy from a top-rated insurer like ING Life Insurance Company pays cash to the beneficiaries, and it is not tied to any specific funeral home.

ING UltimAssure Whole Life is a Burial Insurance Policy

ING UltimAssure Whole Life insurance policies come from an A-rated company that serves almost 13 million Americans with a variety of different financial plans and services.

These are some features of this senior life insurance product:

  • Lifetime protection: Your policy can be activated in as little as 48 hours.
  • Level premiums: Your premium is guaranteed to remain the same forever.
  • Simple applications: The application process is very quick, and you can expect to get a fast coverage decision too.

Can Elderly People Qualify for Burial Insurance?

Since these are senior life insurance products, the ING Life Insurance Company accepts elderly people with some health issues. In fact, they offer different levels of benefits in order to extend burial life insurance to the greatest number of people.

Your answers to health questions will determine which of these benefit levels that you qualify for:

  • Level: The policy pays the full death benefit the entire time.
  • Graded: The policy pays 30 percent the first year, 70 percent the second year, and the full benefit every year after that.
  • Modified: The policy refunds premiums with 10 percent interest for the first two years, and it pays the full death benefit afterwards.
  • Accidents: In case of an accidental death, the policy always pays the full benefit.

Burial insurance for seniors can provide a cheap way to prepare for the high cost of funerals and other end-of-life expenses. Some elderly people purchase their own burial policy, but some adult children also pay the premiums for their elderly parents or grandparents.

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