Foresters Burial Insurance

If you are trying to find the best burial insurance for a senior family member, you may have heard of Forestors Life Insurance Company. Foresters is a top-rated provider, so you may want to learn a bit more about this solid company and its high-rated policies if you’re shopping for senior burial insurance.

What is Foresters Burial Insurance?

Foresters offers low-cost whole life policies for senior citizens and others who are interested in affordable coverage. With their policies, the face values are a bit smaller; this means that the premiums are lower and that the qualifications aren’t as strict.

Foresters offers three different types of coverage:

  • Level Benefit – This policy is available with up to a $35,000 face value, depending on the age of the applicant. The death benefit is available instantly at 100 percent, so you don’t have to worry about not having full coverage if you pass away.
  • Graded Death Benefit – Depending on the age of the applicant, this type of policy offers up to a $20,000 face value. During the first year, the death benefit is equal to 30 percent. During the second year, this amount is increased to 70 percent. During the third year and after, 100 percent of the face value is paid to the beneficiary at the time of death.
  • Modified Death Benefit – With a maximum $10,000 face value depending on the applicant’s age, this policy pays back the amount of premiums paid plus 10 percent annual interest during the first years. Afterwards, the full face value is paid out at the time of death.

The Benefits of a Burial Insurance Policy Through Foresters

Here are a few of the main benefits of working with Foresters for your insurance policy:

  • It is a long-standing company that has been in the insurance business for 135 years.
  • Foresters offers three different plans, so those of different age groups are sure to find suitable coverage.
  • You never have to worry about your premiums going up.
  • These plans are permanent, so your coverage will never expire.
  • No medical exam is required; you simply have to undergo a simple health interview.

Finding and Securing Your Policy

Here at United Life Group, we work with Foresters and other top-rated companies that provide burial insurance, term life insurance and whole life insurance. We provide services to residents of many dfiierant states and are fully licensed. If you would like to find the best burial insurance policy or other type of life insurance, enter your ZIP code into the form at the top of the page. Then, you can see your options and quotes from various A rated companies almost instantly online.